SUCCESS by DESIGN Consulting has been in business since 2004 focusing on Reliability and Maintenance programs, electric motor systems and energy, industrial assessments, motor management and specifications, physical asset management, machine diagnostics and related topics including training.  Additional specialties include wind generator reliability and hybrid vehicle machine and insulation system design.

SUCCESS by DESIGN Publishing has been in business since 2001 and offers books, eBooks and eMags in the technical, business, science fiction and fantasy, and strength sports genres.  In addition, SBD provides support to the various industries through independent studies and sponsoring athletes in strength sports.





Services include:

  1. Electric motor systems consulting, training, forensics and support.
  2. MotorDiagnostics.com: Library of papers related to electric machine reliability, industrial and facility reliability and maintenance, motor system testing, skilled workforce related issues and more;
  3. 2XLPowerlifting.com: NEW – 2XL Powerlifting LLC is a powerlifting gym located in Lombard, Illinois;
  4. Website services: Webmaster and Web-Editor-in-Chief services.  Present clients include:

Authors may contact us through our Authors Page with questions about submitting manuscripts.

For a list of books and materials, please view our ‘Published‘ section and for fee papers, etc., please visit the ‘Archives.’



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